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The Story Begins

Abhyarhita & Sudipta

"Hello folks.... Welcome to the first page of our book. The book of our journey to begin. The book which will have an anthology of our short and long stories. Which will be decked up with the poetries of our life together. And since you are a special part of us. We wish you to join in this whirlwinding ride of friendship,love and life. As the event begins..."

- Abhyarhita




​This is a story of Sudipta and Abhyarhita... Two commoners. Two absolutely ordinary souls. Which got entwined in a chain of friendship. And for whom virtual met reality. For whom platonic turned to real time. How much ever they got engrossed in a practical real world. How much ever they did not believe in fairy tales and the myth of forever friendship. Maybe the magic has begun. And so the whole World, Their Parents, Family and Friends have conspired to bring them together. As they took the very first step of their lifelong journey on 02.03.2023 at Galleria 1910...

The #chotoborogolpo continues...

Story Unfolds

Pre Wedding

"There are more to come into our life and we'll be delighted to make you a part of the journey.

Please follow this space and keep showering your blessings and wishes to us."

- Sudipta


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